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Dr. Misty D. Freeman

Misty Freeman

I'm a Southern Belle, an educator, an author, an unconscious bias coach, an AI futurist, and a thought leader who is a force to be reckoned with in the fight against bias, especially when it comes to black girls and women of Generation Z.


Let me take you on a quick journey through my life. I grew up in poverty in South Alabama and accomplished several degrees, allowing me to soak up knowledge and wisdom like a sponge. I have always been interested in technology. With a  Doctorate in Instructional Technology and professional certification in 3D Modeling and certification, she's now diving into the realm of AI. 


Now, how did I find myself as an unconscious bias coach? In those early days, education wasn't just a path; it was the only way out. The classrooms became my refuge from the challenges of poverty. But, even in the pursuit of knowledge, unconscious bias and racial microaggressions entwined themselves into my story.


In the halls of higher education, I faced biases that whispered doubts about my capabilities. As a black woman, the audacity of having my hair treated like an exotic petting zoo exhibit, with people asking to touch it, left me feeling like an outsider. The unrelenting gaze of store workers following me suggested that I didn't belong, painting me as a threat based on the color of my skin. These experiences cut deep, leaving scars that no one should bear.


Now, with over 20 years of experience in various roles in education, I find myself standing at the intersection of my experiences and a calling in my life. I realized that to create a change, I need to focus on the unique experiences of black girls and women of Gen Z.


That's when the seed of Mocha Sprout was planted. It sprouted from a desire to address and dismantle the biases these young black women face. Bias that I, as a black woman, face. As an unconscious bias coach, thought leader, and AI futurist, my mission became crystal clear – to help others understand and transform their perspective on the impact of unconscious bias. 


As an AI futurist,  I see how algorithms can sometimes mirror the biases we thought we'd outgrown. I urge others to build ethical frameworks for responsible AI deployment. AI bias in education is becoming more rampant and must be addressed. 


Additionally, in my book "Unconscious Algorithms,"  I explore the intersection of neuroscience and unconscious bias, shining a spotlight on the impact of AI on black girls and women of Gen Z. It paints a picture of a future where bias is dismantled, one algorithm at a time.


So, when you think of me,  Dr. Misty D. Freeman, think of a Southern Sassy Bias Buster with a mission. A mission to break down barriers, challenge biases, and empower black girls and women.

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