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Dr. Misty D. Freeman

Misty Freeman
Misty Freeman

Dr. Misty D. Freeman: Championing Equity and Challenging Unconscious Bias

In an era marked by rapid progress and technological advancements, it is disheartening to witness the persistence of unconscious bias, particularly against black girls and women of Gen Z. However, passionate advocates like Dr. Misty D. Freeman are committed to driving positive change amidst these challenges. As an unconscious bias coach, educator, author, and AI futurist, Dr. Freeman is dedicated to dismantling biases that permeate the learning environment, workplace, and technology. Her most recent work explores the intersection of neuroscience, unconscious bias, and the impact of artificial intelligence, as highlighted in her influential book, "Unconscious Algorithms: Mapping the Confluence of Neuroscience and Unconscious Bias - The Impact on Black Girls and Women of Gen Z."


Dr. Freeman's mission is rooted in the belief that everyone, regardless of race or gender, should have equal access to opportunities. She recognizes that unconscious biases can hinder the progress and well-being of black women and girls, leading to systemic inequalities. Her expertise as an unconscious bias coach empowers individuals to recognize and challenge their biases while fostering inclusive environments. Dr. Freeman paves the way for real and lasting societal change by addressing these biases head-on.

Dr. Freeman identifies the crucial role of creating inclusive spaces that empower black girls and women of Gen Z. She recognizes that educational institutions play a pivotal role in shaping young minds and believes in the power of representation and culturally responsive teaching methods. Driven by her conviction that stereotypes or biases should limit no student, she works to inspire educators, administrators, and other stakeholders to embrace equity and inclusion.

Dr. Freeman catalyzes change in the workplace, advocating for black women's fair and unbiased treatment. Recognizing that biases can hinder career progression and limit opportunities, she collaborates with organizations to create work environments that value diversity. Through workshops, seminars, and coaching sessions, she equips organizations with the tools necessary to foster an environment where all employees can thrive.


As an AI futurist, Dr. Freeman understands the potential of technology to both perpetuate and mitigate biases. She raises awareness about the unintended consequences of AI algorithms, which often reflect the biases inherent in the data they are trained on. This can include poor lending practices, biased facial recognition technology, and healthcare inequities. These, along with AI bias in education, which can impact standardized testing, grading, discipline, and even allocation of resources, are all results of unconscious bias in data sets. By shedding light on these issues, she urges educators, stakeholders, and researchers to develop ethical frameworks that ensure responsible and unbiased deployment of AI technology.

 Dr. Misty D. Freeman's relentless pursuit of equity and her unwavering dedication to challenging unconscious bias makes her an exemplary figure in the fight against systemic inequalities faced by black girls and women of Gen Z. Through her role as an author, unconscious bias coach, educator, AI futurist, and advocate, she is transforming the learning environment, workplace, and technology to ensure a fair and society for all. Dr. Freeman's influential book, "Unconscious Algorithms," further solidifies her position as a thought leader, offering inspiring insights.

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About ME

Dr. Misty D. Freeman has held various positions as an educator with over 20 years of experience. She worked as a social caseworker, special education teacher, school administrator, and director of special education. From her expertise, she quickly learned that there needs to be more focus on the experiences of unconscious bias related to Gen Z black girls/women. She addressed her calling: the desire to promote effective learning and inclusion for girls/women of color. There seems to be a gap in information on how unconscious bias impacts black girls and women of  Gen Z. In March 2021, Mocha Sprout was developed to help leaders and organizations achieve sustainable growth and become culturally responsive by creating new viewpoints. She is a thought leader, unconscious bias strategist, and AI futurist. Her mission is to help others understand and transform their perspective of the impact of unconscious bias on black girls and women of  Gen Z at the intersection of learning, the workplace, and technology.

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